After long-term practice and scientific analysis, people already know that the human body is composed of many elements. According to their content in the human body, they can be divided into macroelements and trace elements. They are continuously excreted from the body with the metabolism of the body, and need to be continuously replenished from food and drinking water to maintain balance. Mineral water contains much richer mineral components and trace elements than ordinary spring water, surface water or tap water, making it an ideal supplementary source of minerals and trace elements.

With the world’s current dietary structure, many trace elements are difficult to obtain from food and are mainly obtained from water.

Mineral water is recommended. The reason is very simple. Pure water is just water, and its effect is relatively limited. It only exists for replenishing water. However, mineral water contains minerals and trace elements, not to mention how much they contain. But in terms of long-term use, it is still minerals and trace elements are more beneficial to people.

The above are representative brands of pure water. Purified water refers to H20 without impurities. It is pure, clean water that does not contain any impurities or bacteria, such as organic pollutants, inorganic salts, any additives and various impurities, so it meets the requirements. Water that meets sanitary standards for drinking water is raw water. It is produced through electrodialyzer method, ion exchanger method, reverse osmosis method, distillation method and other appropriate processing methods. It is colorless and transparent and can be drank directly, but it is not suitable for long-term drinking. (Space water and distilled water sold on the market are all pure water).

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