The performance characteristics of sterilization machine are introduced

1, sterilization machine control mode: microcomputer intelligent automatic control, control sterilization pressure, temperature, time;

2, sterilization machine overtemperature automatic protection: exceeds the set temperature, automatically cut off the heating power supply;

3, door safety interlocking device: there is pressure in the cavity, the door cover can not be opened, there is a device;

4, low water level alarm: water shortage can automatically cut off the power supply, sound and light alarm, imported water cut-off detection device;

5, leakage protection: the configuration of leakage protection device;

6, temperature dynamic digital display, the end of sterilization signal;

7, sterilization machine temperature, sterilization, exhaust steam, drying process automatic control, without manual supervision;

In recent years, sterilization machine sterilization hard mirror has relatively big controversy, in fact, sterilization machine as one of the sterilization hard mirror equipment, it is characterized by strong sterilization ability and rapid action, once became active in the stage of hard mirror sterilization.

It mainly focuses on the following aspects:

1.Filtered water may not be kept sterile, there is a potential infection;

  1. The concentration of peracetic acid remaining in sterilized hard mirror cannot be detected
  2. The flushing interface and the caliber of the cavity mirror should be matched, but the sterilization system cannot meet the needs of all the cavity mirrors, so there are hidden dangers. When dealing with the hard mirror, the wrong use of the connector will lead to the sterilization of the hard mirror, which may induce the hard mirror related infection;
  3. High concentration of peracetic acid has certain corrosion on carbon steel, aluminum and copper, and such metal instruments should be used with caution;
  4. There is contamination risk and hidden danger of infection in the transport process after sterilization;
  5. Monitoring frequency of sterilizer remains to be verified.

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