Standard Plastic Injection Molding Machine

  • Model: INJ2400A
  • Capacity : 100~850 tons
  • Function: Plastic injection
  • Application: Plastic cap, lid, handle, cutlery, basket etc.


Product Description

The parallel type double shooting shift cylinder is adopted, which effectively avoids the phenome-non of the deflection of the nozzle, and ensures that the glue is adhered to the mold without leakage.
Widening type four column spacing, large range to meet the increasing die size need, make the machine use of higher value.
The high rigidity T type groove template mecha-nism is convenient for the customer to replace the mold, and the service life of the mould plate is improved.
Mode locking using 5-point toggle system, defor-mation that ordinary machine is reduced by one third, stronger rigidity can adapt to the forming of precision products, and at the same time, improve the service life of the die.

Products Details

Technical Parameter

Screw diametermm424550425055556065606570707580
Screw L/D ratioL/D222018.5222018.5232119232220222019
Theoretical shot volumecm³312358442346491594677805945100011741362150117231960
Shot weightg28432640231544754161573286091010681240136615681784
Injection pressureBar203177143207168138200168143214182157199173152
Max.screw speedrpm200171178192172
Clamping forceKN17802380278032803980
Opening strokemm435475560660765
Distance between tie-barsmm470x470520x520580X580660X660730X730
Template size695x690770x770880X860960X9601080X1080
Max.mold heightmm550550580680780
Min.mold heightmm180200200250250
Ejector strokemm136140150160150
Ejector forceKN4662626279
Ejection rod5591313
Drive powerKW18.522303745
System pressureMpa1616161616
Oil tank capacityL260360500560680
Heating capacityKW9.911.513.522.829.5
Machine dimensionsm5.1x1.4x2.25.45x1.5x2.35.8X1.58X2.36.9X1.85X2.357.4X1.9X2.35
Machine weightT5.36.98.51220

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