PET Preform Injection Molding Machine

  • Capacity: 200~750 tons
  • Function: PET injection molding
  • Application: PET preform, PET tube


Product Description

According to the special optimization design of PET bottle embryo forming process, the ejecting force is greater and the ejecting speed is faster than that of the large ejector structure.
Equipped with high efficiency servo motor and imported high efficiency gear pump system, power saving and water saving can be up to 20% and 50%, and noise is lower.
The screw barrel structure specially designed for the PET special machine and the data of the corresponding working elements are seamlessly interfaced to realize the normal operation of lower plasticizing pressure, lower current and higher production capacity.

Products Details

Technical Parameter

Screw Diametermm7583959595
Screw L/D RatioL/D2424242424
Theoretical shot volumecm³1262.51974.22585.82585.82585.8
Shot Weight(PS)g15152369310331033103
Injection rateg/s543580760972972
Injection pressureMPa118138105105105
Clamping ForceKN28803280328038804580
Opening Strokemm520590590590700
Space between barsmm630x600680x680680x680730x730830x830
Movable platen sizemm900x870990x990990x9901060x10601180x1180
Max.mold heightmm600660660600780
Min.mold heightmm300300300300350
Ejector Strokemm180200200220220
Ejector ForceKN100177177208241
Number of ejector pins8+112+112+112+112+1
Pump Motor PowerKW36.5+4039.4+56.339.4+7239.4+7272+72
Hydraulic system pressureMpa1616161616
Oil tank capacityL450500500550600
Heater powerKW30.735.745.345.345.3
Machine dimensionsm6.8x1.6x2.17.8x1.7x2.058.0x1.7x2.058.0x1.9x2.059.1x2.1x2.2
Machine weightT8.712.112.315.819.5

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