High Speed PVC Label Sleeve Shrink Labeling Machine

  • Model: SLM250
  • Max Capacity: 15000 Bottles Per Hour
  • Bottle Sizes: 100ml ~2L
  • Function: Labeling machine


Product Description

This automatic beverage bottle pvc label shrink labeling machine adopts international advanced technology; cover the circle label on the PET bottle / Glass bottle, and then hot shrinking to fix on the position which bottle body designed.
This machine’s structure is compact, and suitable for the production line of different direction and different height, the machine parts adopts combination designing of modularization, and makes the machine reasonable, the height adjustment adopts motor fluuctuating, it is convenient to replace the material, the special cutter head designing, make the film-rolling cut more exactly and reliably.

Products Details

Technical Parameter

Max Capacity: 15000 Bottles/hour
Label size Dia 30-125mm
Label sleeve length 30-250mm
Bottle diameterDia 28-125mm
Label thickness0.035mm
Label material PVC / PET
Electrical power3.0kw
Overall dimensions3.4X2.0m

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