Glass Bottle Carbonated Soft Drink 3 In 1 Filling Machine

  • Model: DXGF14-12-5
  • Capacity: 2000~3000 Bottles Per Hour
  • Bottle Sizes: 250ml ~600ml
  • Function :Washing Filling Capping Machine


Product Description

This Machine mainly used in the Carbonated beverage filling operations, the three function of bottle washing, filling and capping are composed in one body of the machine, the whole process is automatic, it is conveniently turnked to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles, the filling operation is faster and more stable due to the advanced filling valve technology. The famous brand programeed controller (PLC) is adopted to control the machine runs automatically. It is a ideal perferred equipment for beverage makers.

Products Details

Technical Parameter

Capacity: (500ML)18000~20000 bottles/hour
Suitable bottle shapesGlass bottle with crown cap
Bottle diameter 50~90mm
Bottle height 120~280mm
Compressor air 0.3~0.7Mpa
Washing mediumPure Water
Filling typeIsobaric filling
ApplicationCarbonated drink / Sparkling water
Main motor power11kW
Overall dimensions5700*5050*2700mm

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