Cap Compression Machine

Application: HDPE caps
Neck size: 2925, 3025, 1810, 1881, 38mm, 26/25 etc.
Capacity: 15000cph to 72000cph


Product Description

Cap compression molding machine is to pour the granular plastic into the hopper and melt it at high temperature, then extrude it from the discharge port through the extruder, then cut the billet from the cutting disc, distribute it into each cavity, and pass Various soda bottle caps or mineral water bottle caps can be made by spring extrusion or hydraulic pressure. The bottle caps made by this machine have no injection point, no runner waste, high output, fast speed, high quality bottle caps and beautiful appearance. It is easy to operate, saves water, electricity, raw materials, and labor. Compared with the injection molding machine cap with the same energy consumption, its output can be increased by three times, thus greatly reducing the cost of cap making.

Products Details

Technical Parameter

Cap Diameter(mm)15-6015-6015-6015-60
Cap Height(mm)10-3510-3510-3510-35
Number of Cavities18243636
Air Consumption0.3m³/hr,0.8Mpa0.4m³/hr,0.8Mpa0.8m³/hr,0.8Mpa0.8m³/hr,0.8Mpa

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