Automatic Linear Type PET Bottle Blowing Machine

  • Model: FBM06
  • Capacity: 2000-8000BPH
  • Application: PET bottle blow molding


Product Description

The two-step Pet stretch blow moulding machine which are applicable in a wide range of PET packaging practice, such as for beverages, edible oil, food, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics,etc. With more than 10 years experience in developing and producing blow molding machine as well as the advanced technology absorbed domestic and abroad, we have developed with our constant innovation dozens of high speed and high precision equipments which have won the top reputation in the filed.

Products Details

Technical Parameter

Cavities quantity6cavities6cavities8cavites
Max Voulume: 750ml (A) / 2000ml(B)750ml(A) / 2000ml(B)750ml (A)/ 2000ml(B)
Output capacity (500ml)4000~4500bph6000~6500bph8000~8500bph
Max. container diameterΦ50mm~Φ70mm
Neck Diameter RangeΦ30mm~ Φ40mm
Max. preform height<140mm
Application PET stretch blowing
Total power50kw75kw85kw
Overall dimensions4.2X3.2m5.6X3.5m6.5X3.6m
Height 2.6m2.6m2.6m
Weight 7000kg7500kg8500kg

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