Automatic Hollow Fiber Ultra Filtration Water Treatment Plant

  • Model:  UF-XT
  • Capacity: 1ton ~10 ton / hour
  • Function: Reverse Osmosis
  • Application: Pure water / mineral water / drinking water


Product Description

Hollwo fiber ultrafilter (UF) is a kind of water treatment equipment that uses dissymmetrical semipermeable film which is made from macromolecule material with speical process, The raw liquid flow under pressure, inside or lut side the film, The macromolecule substane and colloid particles in the raw liquid are clogged at the film surface and are brought away by circulating raw liquid. Then the raw liquid becomes inspissated, furthermore, the substance in liquid is separated.

Products Details

Technical Parameter

Model UF-XT
Capacity: (5L)500 -10000 Liter/hour
Filter Precision10nm
Membrane MaterialHolow fiber

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