Automatic Edible Oil Filling & Capping Machine

  • Model: SNYG-10
  • Capacity : 2000-8000 liters per hour
  • Function: Oil filling
  • Bottle Sizes: 500ml to 3L


Product Description

This type filling machine is a high-tech product designed and developed by our company. It suits for different viscosity of water agent, semi-fluid and paste, it is widely used in the product filling of foodstuff, cosmetics, medicine, grease, daily chemical industry, detergent, pesticide and chemical industry. Using the straight filling way, may be used in the different vessels, needn’t add any parts.

Products Details

Technical Parameter

Capacity: (1L)1000bph1500bph2000bph2500bph3000bph4000bph
Filling heads4heads6heads8heads10heads12heads16heads
Max bottle sizes5L5L5L3L3L2L
Filling Precision+/- 0.5%
Working power220VAC
Air pressure 6~7 kg/㎡
Air consumption1m³/min
Total power3.2kw3.5kw4.2kw5.2kw6kw7.5kw

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