Automatic Daily Chemical Detergent Shampoo Filling Machine

  • Model: SNYG-10
  • Capacity : 1000-5000 liters per hour
  • Function: Filling
  • Bottle Sizes: 100ml to 2L


Product Description

The bottle liquid filling machine is a high-tech product designed and developed by our company. It suits for different viscosity of water agent, semi-fluid and paste, it is widely used in the product filling of foodstuff, cosmetics, medicine, grease, daily chemical industry, detergent, pesticide and chemical industry.

Products Details

Technical Parameter

Capacity: (1L)800bph1200bph1800bph2300bph3000bph4000bph
Filling heads4heads6heads8heads10heads12heads16heads
Max bottle sizes5L5L5L3L3L2L
Filling Precision+/- 0.5%
Working power220VAC
Air pressure 6~7 kg/㎡
Air consumption1m³/min
Total power3.2kw3.5kw4.2kw5.2kw6kw7.5kw

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