Automatic Bottle Cold Glue Labeling Machine

  • Model: SMT06
  • Max Capacity: 6000 Bottles Per Hour
  • Bottle Sizes: 100ml ~2L
  • Function: Double Sides Adhesive Labeling machine


Product Description

This automatic bottle cold glue labeling machine adopts the design first in stick mark scalloped turned pole again by rubber wheel stick take a few glue and then to label transmission device in sticky get a tag, to vacuum suction paper roller position, by off label grasp take off label. At the same time will label switched to vacuum sheet transfer belt, use the vacuum suction, make tags adhere to the sheet transfer belt into the labeling area, make tags enclosed by chain coveyor esther in the bottle.So circulates movement, the complete machine production process.

Products Details

Technical Parameter

Max Capacity: 6000 Bottles/hour
Label length10-250mm
Label height20-100mm
Bottle diameterDia 28-125mm
Label material Self adhesive label / Sticker label
Electrical power0.5kw
Overall dimensions2.2X1.0X1.4m

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