Water is an essential substance for the body. The body can live without food, but cannot live without water. Once water is lacking, it will have a greater impact on the body. Problems will occur in various parts of the body, the ability will be reduced, and the body will be vulnerable to germs. Therefore, in daily life, we should pay attention to replenishing water to reduce damage.

For most people, drinking water is a habit of drinking bottled mineral water. Our bottled mineral water is basically 550 ml. When people drink it, they rarely drink it all in one sitting. They almost always drink half of it. If they can’t finish it, they just put it aside. This kind of mineral water is stored for a long time. Can I still drink the water?

After opening bottled mineral water, how long it will not suitable for drinking?

I usually drink bottled mineral water for convenience, but if I can’t finish it in one sitting, put it next to it. If the time is short, I can still drink it. If it lasts for a long time, you can no longer drink it, as the bacteria in it will increase.

Generally speaking, after opening bottled mineral water, you cannot drink it for more than 24 hours. For bottled mineral water that has been left for more than 12 hours, it is better to heat it and sterilize it before drinking, which is safer.

Bottled mineral water that has been bottled for more than 24 hours will increase the amount of bacteria and various microorganisms in it. At this time, the water has deteriorated and cannot be drunk anymore. If you continue to drink it, it will also have an impact on the body.

Drinking spoiled bottled mineral water will cause harmful substances in the water to enter the intestines and stomach, which will cause irritation and cause problems such as diarrhea and abdominal pain, and the frequency of diarrhea will increase. Moreover, some harmful substances in it will also increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, which is harmful to the body.

When we drink bottled mineral water, it is best to choose small bottles and drink them all at once. It is safer and there is no need to worry about the water going bad. And when you choose water, you don’t have to drink bottled mineral water, you can also drink other water.

Which is better, heated tap water, barreled water or bottled mineral water?

Compared with the other two types, bottled mineral water is cleaner and safer. Of course, the price is also high. If it does not deteriorate, bottled mineral water is definitely the best, but everyone should choose according to their own circumstances.

In addition to choosing bottled mineral water, you can also choose to drink heated tap water every day. This kind of water is safer and cheaper. Many people think that tap water is not clean and there will be scale in it, which is not good for the health.

In fact, these scales appear because tap water contains calcium ions and magnesium ions. After being heated at high temperatures, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate appear. This substance does not have much impact on the body, so there is no need to worry.

Because tap water contains scale, barreled water has become the choice of many people. Purified water after heating has no scale in it. There is definitely no problem with water quality, but hygiene problems are prone to occur. Bottled purified water requires the use of a water dispenser.

The water inlet and outlet of the water dispenser are prone to bacterial growth. When the water is released, these bacteria will directly enter the cup and be consumed by the human body. If there are many bacteria, it will cause damage to the body. Therefore, those who choose bottled purified water must pay attention to cleaning the water dispenser frequently to avoid the growth of bacteria and ensure the cleanliness of the water.

These three kinds of water are relatively common. Compared with water quality, tap water is definitely not as good as the other two, but its price is low, and the scale that appears in the water is normal and will not cause harm to the body. If you are pursuing cleanliness, it is recommended to drink bottled mineral water. It is not recommended to drink bottled water. After all, there are very few people cleaning the water dispenser. If you can insist on brushing it, you can use it.

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