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The bottle liquid filling line is a high-tech product designed and developed by our company. It suits for different viscosity of water agent, semi-fluid and paste, it is widely used in the product filling of foodstuff, cosmetics, medicine, grease, daily chemical industry, detergent, pesticide and chemical industry.

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Filling heads468101216
Bottle Volume500ml-5L500ml-5L500ml-5L500ml-3L500ml-2.5L500ml-1L
Air Pressure0.55-0.8Mpa0.55-0.8Mpa0.55-0.8Mpa0.55-0.8Mpa0.55-0.8Mpa0.55-0.8Mpa
Air consumption0.8m³/min1m³/min1.2m³/min1.4m³/min1.6m³/min1.8m³/min
Rated Power1KW1.2KW1.4KW1.6KW1.8KW2KW

Machine Layout

Edible Oil Production Line

Whole Line Introduction

The machine is suitable for filling and sealing beverage or brewage industry, it have such features as rapid filling and sealing speed, consistent height from the liquid level in the can to the can mouth after filling, stable machine operation ,good sealing quality, beautiful and decent appearance, convenient use and maintenance, touch screen operation, frequency conversion speed adjustment, etc. It is the most ideal filling and sealing device for beverage plants and brew houses.

Automatic vertical lid presser is a newly-type lid-revolver improved by our company. The machine’s appearance is artistic and scholar, flexible, quick lid-revolving speed, high conformity rate, it may suit for the different bottle shape’s lid-pressing for foodstuff, pharmacy, daily chemical industry, pesticide and cosmetics.

We have various labeling machine system as option, like wet glue label, adhesive sticker label, PVC shrink label, bopp hot glue label and so on.

As customer request and market demand, we provide the better solution for the final product package, like film shrink pacakge, film with half tray and carton box package.