Which is better, mineral water or pure water?

After long-term practice and scientific analysis, people already know that the human body is composed of many elements. According to their content in the human body, they can be divided into macroelements and trace elements. They are continuously excreted from the body with the metabolism of the body, and need to be continuously replenished from […]

Cutting-Edge Technology: A Deep Dive into the Features of Our Oil Filling Machines

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial machinery, the oil filling sector stands at the forefront of technological advancements, and our state-of-the-art oil filling machines from China are leading the charge. Designed with precision engineering and innovative features, our machines not only streamline the production process but also set new benchmarks for efficiency and reliability. 1. […]

The performance characteristics of sterilization machine are introduced.

In recent years, sterilization machine sterilization hard mirror has relatively big controversy, in fact, sterilization machine as one of the sterilization hard mirror equipment, it is characterized by strong sterilization ability and rapid action, once became active in the stage of hard mirror sterilization.

Beverage machinery water treatment equipment can be divided into several categories?

Water treatment equipment in beverage machinery can be divided into the following four categories: 1, sand core bar filter sand core bar filter, also known as sand filter bar filter, has been in the water treatment equipment styling products. Mainly applicable to the treatment of water with less water, water containing only organic matter, bacteria […]

What are the types of beverage machinery?

What are the types of beverage machinery?Different beverage production processes require different beverage machinery. The following describes several general and commonly used machinery and equipment in the beverage production process. Water treatment plantWater is the largest raw material used in soft drink production, and the quality of water has a great impact on the quality […]

Ultraviolet fungicide in beverage machinery use?

1.The importance of ultraviolet fungicide There is no doubt that water is the blood of a city, the lifeblood of industry, and an important condition for human body to maintain life. The sanitary condition of drinking water directly affects the health of human body. Many diseases can be transmitted by pathogens using water as a […]

Customer from Greece Enjoyed A Wonderful Trip in Ipack

Customer from Greece visited our company, we have a long-time discussion for the complete bottled water production line, including bottle design, layout design, working capacity and so on. Finally, we made contract with customer and we lead them to see the beautiful view in Shanghai. Accompanied by the main person in charge of each department, […]

How to Choose the Best Liquid Filling Machine?

The aim of every business aims is to reduce the cost of production, and this is one of the primary reasons why you need to choose the right liquid filling machine. Liquid Filling Machine To choose the best liquid filling machine, you need to: Consider the type of product: the liquid filling machine varies according […]

Hot melt glue labeling machine is widely used for different material of container

Hot melt glue labeling machine is widely used for different material of container . The label cost is comparatively lower, it can meet the requirements of those users who have diverse kinds of the containers. It is the most economical models in cost to make mass production and intergrated operating. The equipment has massively used modularization […]